Harricana - Creation

Responsable for the concept, development and co-organisation of a 3 000 km snow bike adventure. Encounter with Indians and Inuits. Survival in the North Pole. 

Partners : René Metge, Nicolas Hulot, Bombardier, Hydro Québec, Camel, Damart, Gore Tex, Marlboro, Fuji, Figaro Magazine, RTL, Europe 1, FR3, Paris-Match, Canadian and Quebec Ministers of Tourism.


Okawongo Operation

Ushuaïa follow up: count the Wonders of the World. Reconnaissance, earth and aerial logistics (1 MI 8 Russian helicopter and 1 Catalina hydroplane) for 2 years. 40 000 km round trip in Africa.

Partners : TF1, Nicolas HULOT, Rhône Poulenc, M.A.N., Yamaha.



14 men, 5 Land Rovers, 1 MAN truck 8 drive-wheel drive. Three years reconnaissance expedition and 18 000 km, mostly off track with satellite guidance, searching an original road for the future Paris-Peking Rally.

Partners : Mitsubishi Corp., M.A.P.S., TF1, NHK, Paris-Match, René Metge. Paris-Moscow-Peking. Organisation of provisions for 12 Russian and Chinese MI 8 organisation helicopters.


La Route des Fourrures (The Furs Trail) - Creation

Reconnaissance expedition on the BELOUGA adventure: 21 days, 1 200 km, 65 rapids, 4 hydro bikes, hydroplane.

Partners : Canadian and Quebec Governments, Cities of La Ciotat, Roberval, Jonquière, Chibougamau. Valérie Anne Giscard d’Estaing, Bernard Fixot.



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