A la Folie les Aventurières (Craziness of an adventurer)

Participation in the TF1 TV show broadcast on a Sunday afternoon. Tribute to female adventurers, from the Figuerolles Creek: among others, Florence Artaud, Catherine Destivelle, Muriel Hermine, Isabelle Patissier, Nathalie Simon, Géromine Pasteur…

Partners : TF1, Nicolas Hulot, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor

The Cap - Alger

Attempt of an 8 day, 22 hour and 18 minute “non-stop” record. Three years to research the trail, reconnaissance trips and writing the road book. To this day an unbeaten record.

Partners : GMF, Aérospatiale Bernard Giroux, Nicolas Hulot, René Metge, Patrick Baudry

Sillage (tracking)

Made 30 executives piloting trips and 15 Zodiac discovery trips of the “Île de Beauté” “Island of Beauty” (Corsica) in 11 days.

Partners : Rank Xeros, Nicolas Hulot Production

Expedition to the North Pole

Logistics and maintenance of two expeditions in a microlight. Failure the first year (crash and wipe out). Success the second year. Third year, sculpture of an iceberg into Gerland’s giant logo. Raised of the idea of a snow bike adventure, later to be called Harricana.

Partners : Biscuits LU, La Poste, Samsonite, Rotax, Aviasud, Figaro Magazine, Gerland, Paul Émile Victor, Hubert De Chevigny, Nicolas Hulot, Pierre Lenormand



Several reconnaissance trips over 15 years and the set up of coherent logistics at the far end of the world and especially in the Arctic regions. 

Partners : Nicolas Hulot, TF1.



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