Sahel 84 - Transsaharian Guide

Les camions de l’espoir (Trucks of Hope). Humanitarian help in Western Africa.

Partners : RTL and FR3

Niamey - Bamako

Nautical raid of 2 000 km to go up the Niger river, imagined by Thierry Sabine.

Partners : Rocca, Yamaha, Vitatop

Ten times participation in the Paris - Dakar

The creating and putting in place stewardship in the first year: delivering 3 000 meals a day, over 800 km, for days. A crazy challenge but a success! Nine times competitor in the light two-wheels drive prototypes and in trucks (the development of a green-energy-working truck: using corncobs).

Partners : TSO, Africatour, Peugeot, Porsche, Cagiva, Mercedez, Jacky ICKX, René Metge, Hubert Auriol, Cyril Neveu.


Successful Reconnaissance and attempt to cross the country, with a two-wheel drive between Bagui (RCA) and Mombassa (Kenya). Peugeot cars 100 year anniversary.

Partner : Automobile Peugeot S.A.

La Route de la Soie (The Silk Trail) - Creation

Request from a Japanese partner to study and establish a historical “discovery” track around China.

Partner : Popular Republic of China Ministry of Sports

Paris - Le Cap

Equatorial forest adventure, crossed using agricultural vehicles.

Partner : Cagiva



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